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Sponsored by DBT (Department of Biotechnology)

Survey-based studies provide the guidelines and feedback for policy makers about adopted and newborn technology. Biotechnology is the new branch of applied science and application of it resulted in the evolution of the separate field of studies i.e. in Agriculture (Agri-Biotechnology), Pharmacy (Pharma-Biotech), Environment Science (Environment Biotechnology), Medical (Medical Biotechnology) and Industry (Industrial Biotechnology). The products of application of the biotechnology in most of the fields have been accepted by human society except, Agriculture. The major breakthrough in Agriculture was the introduction of genetically modified crops but the controversies were unavoidable. There is a tug of war between GM crop supporters and Anti-GM crop organisations which have spread many myths in the society about the technology. Perception, approach and awareness about genetically modified crops issues among individuals in the society is getting affected due to ever increasing debate on ‘Digital and Broadcasting Media’ platform.  

To make the farmers and other members of society aware about the Agricultural Biotechnology and Genetically Modified crops, College of Agricultural Biotechnology with the support from Dept. of Biotechnology, Govt. of India initiated the awareness campaign through participating in the AgriExhibition by placing the "Awareness stall". College participated in Agrowon AgriExpo-2014 during 12 to 16 November, 2014 held at, New Agriculture Ground, Sinchanagar, Pune and Kisan Agri-Show-2015 during 16 to 20 December, 2015 held at, International Exhibition Ground, Moshi, Bhosari, and Pune.

During the course of the event, the College representatives made visitors aware about GM (Genetically modified) crops and distributed information sheets. Near about 300 survey forms containing 25 yes/no type questions about awareness of GM crops were filled by the visitors. The results of the survey form were analysed statistically and research paper was published in reputed journal. Among the visitors there were farmers of different regions of Maharashtra viz. educated farmers, Krishibhushan Progressive farmers, GM crops supporters, GM crops opponents, students, and teachers etc.

These survey-based research leads towards the common conclusion that well informed and educated society always support the technology, provided that it is introduced with proper planning and political will. 

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