Instructional Units

Bio-fertilizer & Production Unit

Biofertilizer production unit for experiential learning to the students of VIII Semester college of agriculturewas started with an objectives to isolated different microorganisms from various crop, rhizospheric soil and also increasing population of such beneficial microorganism and accelerate certain microbial processes to augment the extent of the availability of nutrient in a form which can be easily assimilated by plant and also for maintaining soil fertility and crop productivity. The different groups of microorganisms like fungi,bacteria and actinomycetsare being studied in order to improve the soil fertility and hence plant growth. Different strain of microorganisms such as Rhizobium, Bacillus, Pseudomonas, Azotobactor ,Azollaused for commercial biofertilizer production in  laboratory.

Bio-agent & Bio-pesticide Unit

Bio-agent and bio-pesticide unit is the unit for experiential learning to the students of college of agriculture, where mass production of Beauveriabassiana,Verticilliumlecanii,Metarrhiziumanisopliae,Trichoderma and bio-agents like Trichogramma,Chrysoperla,Cryptolaemus is produced and utilized in the college farm as well as provided to  nearby farmer. Students are exposed to all the technique of mass rearing and production.Biopesticide production unit includes mass production of Trichogramma,Cryptolaemu, HaNPV/SlNPV,Metarhzium /Nomuraea.Testing of quality parameters and standardization of biopesticides is being done in this lab.

Dairy Unit

In the dairy farm different breeds of animals are available. The regular practices of culling the uneconomical and unproductive animals, mastitis detection and its treatments, heat detection, vaccination for H.S, B.Q, Tuberculosis brucellosis and Artificial Insemination are done. The laboratory of Technology of Milk and milk Products and Animal Biotechnology are also well equipped and developed with required facilities and instruments. Most of the milk products  like Khoa, Peda, Burfi, Basundi, Flavour milk, Paneer, Ghee, Dahi, Chakka, Shrikhand  are being prepared during practical of dairy technology and in experiential learning with the help of advanced machineries. The fat estimation of milk is regularly done with the help of electronic fat testing machine, Gerber’s centrifuge machine etc.

Mushroom Production Unit

Mushroom production technology for experiential learning programme in which studies on the isolation, identification, maintenance and storage of pure culture of mushroom, preparation of spawn and cultivation of white button / oyster mushroom.  Mushroom production technology with an objectives to increase the production and consumption of mushrooms. To help create new employment opportunities for the youth through mushroom cultivation. To empower rural communities with entrepreneurial skills through the production and sale of mushrooms. To ensure adequate and satisfactory supply of spawn to rural communities involved in mushroom production.

Plant Tissue Culture Unit

To provide hands-on experience to the  students in plant tissue culture, College established state of art Plant Tissue Culture Unit. The unit has media preparation, sterilization, inoculation, incubation and primary hardening sections. Currently, the unit is run as a demonstrative unit and have standardized the protocol for micro propagation of Ashwagandha, Pomegranate, Banana, Ginger, Sugarcane, Aloe vera plants etc. The college is planning to upgrade the unit to commercial scale in future. This unit also used for regular practical related to clonal multiplication, seed germination, secondary metabolite production and kit based Agrobacterium transformation etc. 

Soil and Water Testing Unit

Soil and water testing are useful tools for making recommendations for the application of fertilizers to crops and the concentration and composition of dissolved constituents in awater to determine its quality for irrigation use. Soil testing gives a measure of the availability of nutrients to crops whereas, the quality of water is an important consideration in any appraisal of salinity or alkali conditions in an irrigated areas.The laboratory of Soil Science Agril. Chemistry is also well equipped and developed with required facilities and instruments.

Our aims of soil and water testing unit are-

  • Grouping soils into classes relative to the levels of nutrients for suggesting fertilizer practices and helping to evaluate soil productivity.
  • Depending on specific concentration of salts which represents alkali, salinity, and acidity which limits the crop yields.

Besides the water testing soil testing is a major programme which we conduct by the following procedure-

  • Collecting the soil samples.
  • Extraction and determining the available nutrients.
  • Calibrating and interpreting the analytical results.
  • Making fertilizer recommendations. 

Vegetable Production Unit

Vegetable production unit for experiential learning is started with an objective to increasing vegetable production which is beneficial to marginal farmers and students able to get the practical knowledge as well as hard working in field. In this  unit college is  producing various types of vegetables such family as cruciferae, solanaceae, alliaceae, leguminaceae, malvaceae etc. by means of improving knowledge of student regarding field operations up to the marketing of the produce. Due to these experiential learning programme students get well acquired knowledge about practical implementation of vegetable production. Students get an opportunity to learn more about vegetable production. 

Goat Farm

College established the goat unit for the students as an instructional unit as well as a place for extension-based producer education programs. The mission of the goat unit is to develop and maintain multiple flocks that modern livestock production and provide a hands-on learning environment for students. They become familiar with all aspects of small ruminant management, economics and marketing while developing interpersonal and leadership skills.Our primary production goal is to produce quality youth project animals for a reasonable price. We produce kids for the multiplication of flock by the students.Undergraduate courses are offered that expand the students’ knowledge of goat production. Students gaining hands-on experience via laboratories and goat unit.

Vermicomposting Unit

A Vermicompost production unit is established for management of waste biomass of the institute. In this plant, students are able to see closely earthworms converting the waste biomass into something useful to soil and crop.Students from rural background as well from urban would be able to get knowledge about this plant and gives to farmers. The tendency to use bio-fertilizers will get boost leading to environmental improvement. Our students were given hands on experience about the waste management techniques.By this instructional unit, Students got an opportunity to learn more about various waste management techniques at a department level. 

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