Courses offers by Department of Agriculture Economics enlighten the basic economics laws, principles and theory which are applied for agriculture department having well equipped laboratories and good collection case studies of Economic analysis prepared by students and staff. Case studies and project mostly focused on economic analysis of major crop gown in the area and information about socioeconomically status of farmers



Agricultural Engineering Department is one of the inter faculty in collage of Agriculture, Loni.This Department was incorporated since the establishment of this college in the year 2012. Department has almost all  the necessary required instruments and tools required for accommodating  30 to 35 students at a time for practical’s.

The Four Basic branches of Agricultural Engineering Especially Farm Machinery And Power, Agricultural Processing Engineering, Irrigation And Drainage Engineering, Soil Water Conservation Engineering are thought to the Students of B.Sc Agriculture during their 4 years academic curriculum. Agricultural engineering department also accommodates an Agril Implement shed which houses all types of Primary and Secondary Tillage Machinery, harvesting and threshing Machinery and other tractor drawn implements. The students are thought the principle of Agricultural Engineering and its Applications to agriculture sciences. For Example Tractors working principle and its implements, Agril Process Engineering like Grading, Sorting, storing and Processing Machinery, Soil water conservation techniques, water measuring, storing and water utilization technique’s are also though to the students. Last but not the least this Department has always strived to be prompt in delivering the best theoretical as well practical knowledge to the students.





Department of Extension Education is one of the important departments of Agriculture College. Department has well-furnished laboratory with necessary equipment and Audio-Visual Aids. The college department organized various extension activities like Farmers rally, vaccination drives, modern cultivation technology awareness programs, result demonstration, method demonstrations, etc


The department has organized Krushi Din program in Ranjangaon village on 1stJuly 2016. Tree plantation program. Visit to KVK, Savlivihir research farm etc.



Marketing is one of the major departments of agriculture Business Management. Which overall covers advertising, public relations, promotions and sales of product, along with various marketing mediums such as online marketing, print, television, radio etc.Also various marketing channels which are used as mediums for sales of product are covered in different marketing subjects.College has well equipped Marketing laboratory which includes glass models, charts of marketing management which provides information regarding marketing of product.


  • Field visit –Field visits of 1styear students are arranged to Rahuri Krishi Vidyapeeth & Local weekly Bazaars to provide the students with basic information about market.
  • Educational/Industrial visits – students of 2nd and 3rd Year visited different agriculture industries to get exposure of corporate world. 3rd year students visited Jain Irrigation, Jalgaon, Maharashtra. Dated 19/8/2016.
  • Seminars –Seminars are arranged for students to understand the concept of Online Marketing.
  • Research Papers – students are motivated to publish articles / research papers


Department of Agriculture Business Management

About Department:

Department of Agriculture Business Management is one of the Major Department in College of Agriculture Business Management.

Courses offered by Department of Agriculture Business Management Enlightens on the basic concepts, principles and theory which is applies for various sectors of Agriculture & Allied Sciences. It mainly focuses on  Agro & Food Processing Sector, Agro-Processing Units & their Management, Supply Chain Management, Agro-Based Industrialization, Agro-Tourism, Agricultural project planning & formulation, Agro-based Industrial Finance, Market survey, Price analysis, Agri-Business operations.


  • Department is engaged in teachers training Programme.
  • Department conducts academic activities.
  • Co-coordinating the activities of research and development.
  • Public lectures, group discussion and Seminars.
  • Extension activities carried out through Radio, LCD,TV Media.



The department of Agronomy came into the existence in 2012. Student’s farm is available for imparting practical training in Agronomy. A live crop cafeteria for general awareness of the crops and their identification is also available for kharif as well as Rabi season. A separate farm is allotted for practical crop production programme. An Agronomy lab is established with the systematic provision of above classified and several more items for efficient and better use and understanding by the students. Visual facilities like charts, photographs created for efficient delivery of instructions. Seed samples, weed samples, fertilizers, tillage implements model and Integrated farming system models are displayed for identification for students.

A well contained museum depicting the activities of the departments established for the benefits of the students and visiting dignitaries. Department of Agronomy also established an Agro meteorology observatory for student practical purpose in 2016 where the advanced instruments for the measurement of temperature, humidity, wind speed, soil moisture, leaf area, wind direction, sunshine hours, and evaporation are available.

Various instruments are available in the department like Spectrophotometer, Flame photometer, Leaf area meter, Nitrogen analyzer and many more which are required for smooth conduction of student practicals and also have the installation of the water measuring devices in the field for measuring the flow of water. A seed production plot is also available for students undergoing experiential learning programme.


The department has been imparting technical education to UG students with the objectives of,

  • To impart instructions in the discipline of Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science to the students of UG degree programme
  • To carry out location specific and need based research in Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science based on the feedback from the extension agencies and farmers of the region.
  • Dissemination of improved technology in livestock and poultry production amongst the farmers by imparting training to extension workers.
  • To organize short duration training programmes in animal and poultry production for extension workers, NGOS and farmers.


a) Location: Department Farm

b) Infrastructure: Lecture (Practical) hall, Goat shed, Office, store room, Poultry shed,

One open well, one borwell, One Gobargas, Vermi compost shed, compost pit, slaughter house, implement shed, Dustban

c) Activities: Education, Research and Demonstration

Laboratory 1: Dairy Science

1) Milk Processing

2) Milk Products

3) Sensory and chemical evaluation

4) Shelf life studies

Laboratory 2: Animal Husbandry

1) Identification and Proximate analysis of feeds and fodders

2) Health covers of farm animals

3) Established fodder crops unit

4) Cultivation of various fodder crops

5) Organized farm management practices


Dept. of Biochemistry and molecular biology is one of the major departments of B. Sc. Agril. Biotechnology course. Department has well-furnished laboratories and undergraduate research facilities with necessary sophisticated instruments, equipment, glassware etc. The department has student’s laboratory and research laboratory for regular practicals and project work, mostly useful for final year students for their research project work. The major research work is concentrated over isolation & purification of enzymes from various sources, determination of protein content, isolation, purification and identification of secondary metabolites from different plant sources. Secondary metabolite isolation, Isolation of Nan particles, Isolation and identification of antimicrobial compounds, studies on biochemical and molecular variability, Enzyme assay & Phytochemical and biochemical characterization.


  • Students have represented college at various state, national & international level seminar, workshops and conferences based upon the research work conducted in department. 


The Department of Agricultural Botany, established in 2012, is one of the leading Departments in the field of teaching and research in plant sciences. The Department of Agricultural Botany has well qualified, experienced staff and it is well equipped with all necessary laboratory equipments and instruments required for smooth conduction of practical. Students studying in agricultural botany have many opportunities in Research and Development, production and maintenance of the seed in seed industries as well as in horticultural sector. This Department has well qualified and experienced faculty members in the field of Genetics, Plant Breeding, Plant physiology, Seed technology and Biotechnology helping the students to perform better with advance knowledge of High Tech agricultural techniques like Plant tissue Culture, micro propagation and Plant Genetic Engineering. The department has a separate farm for conducting under graduate project and seed production. In addition to teaching through modern techniques, seminars, symposia, workshops and invited lectures are an integral part of academic programme of the department.


The department of Agricultural Entomology was started in the year 2012 with the establishment of college and has highly qualified and motivated staff. The department has all the facility to conduct practicals which includes excellent collection of insects of different orders of agriculture importance and stored grain pests with the cockroach rearing unit to conduct experiments of mouth parts, digestive system, and Nervous system, male and female reproductive system. In addition to this the department has well developed laboratory of Bioagent and biopesticide production which includes mass production of verticillumlecani, Beauveriabassiana, Metarrhiziumanisopliae, Trichodermaand also includes Trichocard production, cryptolaemus rearing on pumpkin for experiential learning to the students. The college has a well-developed farm to expose students to different damaging symptoms and stages with integrated pest management strategies.


Dept. of Horticulture is one of the major departments of B. Sc. Agriculture course. Department has well-furnished laboratories with necessary sophisticated instruments, equipment etc. Department has Nursery unit, Polyhouse and Post harvest technology, in addition to regular practicals, mostly useful for students for their project work. The major work is carried out on Experiential learning programme. In our college the nursery unit is available with the help of that unit the practical of the students should be conducted. The student get the practical  knowledge regarding nursery management , transplanting of the seedlings, preparation of nursery beds , raising of the seedlings, budding , grafting,  etc. It is very important and essential art and science for selling the healthy and true type plant material. There are so many performing  practical should be conducted like preparation of Jam , Jelly, Squashes, Syrups , Tomato ketchup etc due this student get good knowledge regarding post harvest technology. 


Department of Plant Biotechnology

Dept. of Plant Biotechnology is one of the major departments of B. Sc. Agril. Biotechnology course. Department has well-furnished laboratories and undergraduate research facilities with necessary sophisticated instruments, equipment, glassware etc. Department has plant tissue culture laboratory and Genetic Transformation laboratory, in addition to regular practicals, mostly useful for final year students for their research project work. The major research work is concentrated over use of molecular Markers for genetic diversity analysis & molecular variability analysis among the crops and microorganisms, Plant Tissue Culture of ornamental & medicinal plants, Medicinal Plant extract preparation & it's analysis for antimicrobial potential (Novel compounds). 

ISSR and RAPD Molecular Markers hands on training projects at Genetic Transformation Laboratory


Banana and Sugarcane Tissue Culture at Plant tissue culture laboratory




  • The department has organized Two Days Workshop on “Primer Design and RAPD Technique” in collaboration with Aristogene Biosciences, Bangalore on 24 -25 March, 2011.
  • One day industrial tour cum workshop on “Next Generation Sequencing” had been organized by the department at BioEra Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. During 29the September, 2015.
  • Under the social activity initiative “Genetically Modified Crop Awareness”,the department represented the awareness stall in Agrowon AgriExpo-2014 during 12 to 16 November, 2014 held at, New Agriculture Ground, Sinchanagar, Pune and Kisan Agri-Show-2015 during 16 to 20 December, 2015 held at, International Exhibition Ground, Moshi, Bhosari, Pune.
  • Department has started the “Read to Learn and Learn to Read” initiative. Under the same, the newspaper cutting of scientific advancement editorials and scientific research articles is being collected each day and made available for students to read on separate notice board.
  • Students have represented college at various state, national & international level seminar, workshops and conferences based upon the research work conducted in department. 
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